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Set up your Research & Development Centre in India

At, 2AB Consultants, We help you to setup an R&D Center in India as per Govt of India Guidelines, to have better growth multiplication at the same time prepare you to avail tax credits, deductions and benefits available for Govt. 

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DSIR Recognition

Not any R&D Centre but R&D Centre as per Govt of India

DSIR (Department of Scientific & Industrial Research is the nodal department for granting recognition to in-house R&D units established by corporate companies, organisations, Labs and R&D Centres.

We helps you to get your own R&D department as per the regulations and guidelines of Govt, which ultimately results into a Centre ready to get certification from DSIR. 

Only 1900 R&D Centre are certified by DSIR till now since last three decades. 

Brand Value & Market Competitiveness 

Having R&D means to stay ahead from your competition by catering to new demand or needs in the market by developing new products & Processes.


R&D efforts with correct R&D Lab/Centre set up  improves productivity that helps increase company's profit & revenue margins, further creating an edge in outpacing competitors.


In a broader perspective, R&D Set up allows a company to stay ahead of the curve, anticipating customer demands or trends.

Financial Graphs
Collecting Money

Tax deductions & 
Government funding 

Having the current R&D Lab/Centre set up as per Govt Guidelines attracts various financial benefits as well.

Govt. provides 100% weighted tax deductions, Custom exceptions and also provides soft loans, funding & grants.

These ultimately benefits the company to follow their growth trend for a long term. 

WHY 2AB Consultants!!!

The experience of more than 8 years and 150+ Assessments of R&D Centre makes us your ideal choice for not only creating your R&D Centre of excellence but also in line with the Govt guidelines. Take a few glimpse of the things we do for you.  


Training session to your R&D team for Identifying the right R&D structure, layout SOPs, as per DSIR (Govt of India) norms.

Resource Management 

Identification and suggestions on gaps in R&D facilities in terms of the correct team, R&D Assets and material flow

Accounts management 

Detailed Training session on Setting up proper accounting system for R&D so that it will help company to avail various tax exemptions available

Consulting & Advisory

Advisory and consultation of getting DSIR Certification to become the part of Elite 1900 R&D Centre certified from Govt of India since last three decades

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