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DSIR recognition overview

What is DSIR?

DSIR is Department of Scientific & Industrial Research. It is a Govt. of India body.

In-house R&D recognition

Application eligibility

Any Pvt. Ltd. or Ltd. company which are making products.

DSIR's 'In-house R&D' recognition benefits

DSIR's 'In-house R&D' recognition is not just a piece of paper, it has substantial and tangible benefits attached to it:

  • Write-off all capital R&D expense in one year, no need to claim depreciation over years

  • No need to pay any import duty on imports made for R&D

  • Pay flat 5% GST on purchases made for R&D

  • DSIR's recognition is well known globally 

Recognition process

Month 0

Month 2

Month 4

'In-house R&D' recognition is submitted - both online & off-line

Discussion/meeting with DSIR's New Delhi team.

Receipt of recognition letter

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