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DSIR recognition overview

What is DSIR?

DSIR, an acronym for the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, is an esteemed governmental organisation operating under the jurisdiction of the Government of India.

In-house R&D recognition

Application eligibility

Any private limited (Pvt. Ltd.) or Public limited (Ltd.) company actively involved in the production or manufacturing of products is eligible for DSIR In-house R&D Recognition.

DSIR's 'In-house R&D' recognition benefits

DSIR's 'In-house R&D' recognition goes beyond being a mere formality; it offers significant and concrete advantages:

  • Accelerated Capital R&D Expense Write-off: Companies with DSIR recognition can write off all capital R&D expenses in a single year, avoiding the need to claim depreciation over multiple years. This accelerates the tax benefits and boosts cash flow for further research investments.

  • Import Duty Exemption: DSIR Recognized entities enjoy exemption from paying import duties on materials and equipment imported specifically for R&D purposes. This facilitates the acquisition of cutting-edge technology and resources without added financial burden.

  • Soft-loans at reduced interest rate: Through DSIR recognition, enterprises gain access to the Grant-in-aid provided under the PACE scheme, requiring possession of the DSIR Recognition Certificate by the company.

  • International Recognition: DSIR's reputation extends globally, enhancing the credibility of recognized organizations in the international research community. It opens doors for potential collaborations, technology partnerships, and access to global funding opportunities.

In summary, DSIR's 'In-house R&D' recognition brings tangible financial advantages, streamlines research operations, and positions recognized entities for global collaborations. It serves as a testament to the organization's commitment to innovation and research excellence.

Recognition process

Month 0

Applicants are required to submit their In-House R&D Centre Application to DSIR using both online and offline methods.

Month 2

Engagement and meeting with the DSIR Office for a comprehensive case presentation and discussion.

Month 4

Receipt of DSIR Recognition letter

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