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Structured & Recognised R&D:
Unlocking the Power of Innovation

Our specialised services encompass the entire process of identifying and structuring your R&D initiatives, be it from an existing facility or a new one, culminating in obtaining recognition from the esteemed DSIR, Govt. of India (Department of Scientific & Industrial Research).

Our Services

Our Services

Structuring R&D Centre

  • Identifying R&D in your existing set-up.

  • Structuring R&D operation.

  • Structuring R&D layout.

  • Structuring R&D manpower

DSIR R&D Recognition

  • Structuring R&D

  • Complete application process support

  • Training session for presentation at DSIR

Why get your R&D recognised?

Write-off all your R&D capital expenses in the 1st year

Discounted GST rates on purchases made for R&D

Preference in Government funds and grants

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